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Hotelympia 2014

48 hours into the UK’s largest exhibition dedicated to the hospitality industry could not have gone any better. Stand 1817 and the presence of equipment from all our product groups and range types has allowed customers to understand both the quality of our equipment and our considerable range. We are delighted that visitors have seen not only our existing ranges including prime equipment, combination ovens and ware washing, but our Asian range and our capability to customise equipment.

The first appearance of our new four burner gas range has received particular attention due to its quality, specification and price point. Our customised Ellipse unit complete with attractive paint work branding has been opening minds to the idea that customisation doesn’t just mean fancy knobs. Induction Woks in our Asian range have impressed other industry partners that much that other manufacturers including some world leading names are looking to incorporate these items into their own cook-lines

But it’s not all been about equipment, our cooking demonstrations from chef Michael O’Hare has probably been photographed as much as the major culinary com[petitions on taking place and on view at Hotelympia. Mike has used his very individual style and know how to create food that is a unique combination of art and passion. Both Aspiring young chefs and industry old heads have been wowed by his work.